Salesianum Schedule


Salesianum Schedule makes it easy to see your class schedule for the day, the current week, and next week. To set up, simply add the individual class name and lunch schedule for each period.

Each day, your individual schedule will be displayed and the current period will be indicated. Passing period times let you know when the next class begins. You will also be able to see your schedule for the current week and the following week.

To ensure accuracy in the passing period times, the app can be synced to the exact time of the school bell system.

Important notes:
1. This app is meant to assist students, but is not a substitute for students knowing their own schedule and getting to class on time. Students still ultimately bear the consequences for being tardy.
2. This app was loaded with daily school schedules (i.e. Regular, AM Assembly, PM Assembly) from the school calendar published 07/23/15. When changes and adjustments inevitably arise, students must adjust the planned schedule under the “Schedule List” tab of the “Setup” screen.
3. The app does not currently support delay schedules.